90% of MIR Trade AG export is seaborne. Every day a vessel chartered for transportation of our coal arrives in one of the ports.

Such an approach gives us possibility to use stockyards in the ports more efficiently and accommodate requests of our customers regarding delivery schedule.

Owing lo long-term partnership with the largest and most modern ports, MIR Trade AG is capable to deliver coal to almost any consumer in the world. For many years our clients are the largest energy and metallurgical companies in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Middle East, South and Central America.

With the help of recognized international surveyors, we have a close and constant control over the quality of our coal starting from the mine and railway transportation and finishing in the port of discharge. Such monitoring allows us to avoid and eliminate any possible deviations.

Starting from the year 2002 MIR Trade AG has been strengthening it’s position in the Baltic market. Almost 1 000 000 mts of coal is delivered monthly to the Customers in Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Brazil, Marocco and others.

We offer high and medium volatile steam coal and PCI coals in the following Baltic ports:

– Port Vysotsk (Vysotsk, Russia)

– Port Ust-Luga (Ust-Luga, Russia)

Starting shipments in 2012, MIR Trade AG now supplies about 5 million tonnes to the Asian market. Due to high quality of coal our main customers are energy, cement and chemical companies in Japan, South Korea,  China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

We offer high and medium volatile steam coal in the following Far East ports:

– VUT (Nakhodka, Russia)

– Vanino Port (Khabarovsk region, Russia)

MIR Trade AG has been delivering coal via ports of the Black and Azov seas from the beginning of its business activities. Almost 100% of the sized coal and 30% of the steam coal are delivered by our company via these ports to Turkey, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and others. In 2021 we plan to increase the sales volumes at the Black Sea region up to level of 6.5 million tonnes.

We offer sized coal and high and medium volatile steam coal in the following Black Sea ports:


– Yeisk Port (Yeisk, Russia)

– Taman Port (Krasnodar region, Russia)

– Kavkaz Port (Krasnodar region, Russia)

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