MIR Trade is one of the leading exporters of the Russian coal.
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March 2018 |01.03/2018
MIR Trade AG is planning to make a first transshipment at new terminal facilities of Kaliningradskaya Railway in March. The process of coal transshipment to the railcars with narrow wheel track on the territory of Kaliningradskiy region will allow to enhance considerably the volumes of transportation through railway borders of Poland – say the administration of Kaliningrad and cargo owners.

February 2018 |01.02/2018
A new agreement of direct coal transshipment from the railcars with wide wheel track (1520 mm) to railcars with European wheel track (1435 mm) was achieved between MIR Trade AG and Kaliningradskaya Railway. This transshipment will be performed at coal terminal Dzerjinskaya-Novaya station and in perspective at Cherniahovskaya KLG station with the next consignation of coal to Poland.
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    Established in 2000 to supply high-quality Russian coal for export MIR Trade AG Company currently holds a leading position on the international coal market.

   • MIR Trade AG is the exclusive exporter of coal produced by Holding Company «Sibirsky Delovoy Souz» which owns more than ten mines and open-cut mines of Kuzbass, offering energy coal and PCI coal of the highest quality. More information about products supplied by MIR Trade AG you can find here….

   • We provide even and stable supply of coal in significant quantities, because our product is shipped in railway fleet of FGK, Novotrans, UVZ companies.

   • MIR Trade AG holds the essential trans-shipment facilities in the ports of the Black, Azov, Baltic Seas and the Sea of Japan, as well as stock areas in the region of ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp), which allows us to perform shipments to our customers most effectively.

   • MIR Trade AG has proved itself as a reliable supplier and responsible partner and during recent years consistently takes the leading positions in the top-lists of the largest exporters of Russian coal. More details about the sales of the company.

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